In Development

The following projects are in various stages of development.

Unsex Me

Daughter of a theatre legend and a prima ballerina, Academy Award Winning Actress Mark Wilson dissects her own story and her next job: being directed by her father as Lady Macbeth. Grand performances, whispered confessions, and booming self-mockery combine as she prepares, promotes and performs the role of her life.

The first development of Unsex Me was shown at the Crack Theatre Festival at This Is Not Art in Newcastle, September 2012. More developments, showings and seasons to come...

Check out this video for an idea of what the show is.

The Monk

A solo performance work which is probably about where's religion and what are we missing as a result... Look for development showings in 2013.

King John

A production of the play by William Shakespeare: the theme is illegitimacy in all its forms: familial, political, moral... It's an under-produced corker with a big cast and big production necessities... This is a while away.

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